Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking

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Personal Assistance Locator (PAL)

Locate those important to you. In real time, at anytime. Designed by Qualcomm, this small self contained device can be carried or hidden inside clothing, pockets, purses, sweaters, coats, etc. making it the perfect personal tracking device. Works inside buildings, shopping centers, etc. Ping on-demand, or with the built-in panic button. Alerts can be sent to multiple recipients. Rechargeable battery lasts 4+ days. Web based system includes one time activation and set up fee, 35 pings per month, and battery charger. Additional service plans are available. Annual Agreement required.

Secure Band

The Secure Band helps rapidly locate and recover your loved ones via the 9-1-1 cellular network. Because buildings, culverts, and other environments where a wandering child might get lost often interfere with most GPS systems, our new device uses triangulation through the cellular network to accurately determine a person’s location, even inside buildings.

Wandering is an increasing and deadly problem that impacts cognitively and developmentally impaired individuals. Caregivers and care communities need a solution to find the missing. We have created a reliable, affordable solution to help safely return an individual who has wandered. On behalf of your loved one, the device connects directly to the existing 9-1-1 emergency network to immediately locate an individual and report that location directly to the 9-1-1 operator. With the location in hand, emergency responders can recover a missing individual in a matter of minutes.

The Secure Band is a perfect solution for those who tend to wonder, get lost, or have truancy issues because there’s nothing the wearer of the device has to do (Autistic, Alzheimer’s or dementia patients, truancy applications, etc). It’s a wrist band, or ankle bracelet (cannot be removed by user) with a built-in GPS device. The application works similar to Lo Jack, and was recently announced in Los Angeles along with the support of Law Enforcement. When an individual becomes missing, the caregiver simply contacts 9-1-1 and EmFinders to activate the device. Once activated, the 9-1-1 emergency network automatically locates the individual so that Law Enforcement can recover them quickly and easily.


Designed by Qualcomm, this small real time GPS tracking system can be hidden inside or outside any type of asset, and can be located anywhere, even inside buildings, etc. Built-in accelerometer detects motion. Ping on-demand, or ping at specified intervals based on motion and / or stationary. The system comes complete in a weather-proof Pelican case with four 50 pull-lb magnets, a 60 day rechargeable battery, and standard battery charger. Optional 12 volt adapter kit.

Stolen Asset Recovery Device (SARD)

Design by Qualcomm, this small self contained device can be hidden inside any asset that has 12 volts of constant power. The device is always on and ready to track, but does not report a location unless manually “pinged.” Includes one time activation fee, one year of web access, a battery charger, and 4.5 day battery back up should power be disconnected.