Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services is always searching for Independent Sales Agents to help promote its GPS tracking products and services to companies with commercial fleets, tractor-trailers, flat bed trailers, ATV’s, and / or heavy equipment such as; Bobcats, forklifts, portable welders and portable generators.

The purpose of the Agents’ sales call is to determine if the customer is currently using GPS tracking technology to monitor their mobile assets (including vehicle theft and asset recovery), and if they would like Mobile Tracking to contact them to learn more about how this technology can reduce their operating expenses and better manage their mobile assets. Mobile Tracking will do the actual sales presentation, sales contract, collection of fees, delivery, installation, training, warranty service, and after sale customer support.

The ideal candidate should have work experience in at least one of the following industries; commercial trucking (local deliveries and over the road), transportation, logistics, construction, drywall, insulation, painting, concrete, paving, electrical, plumbing, pool construction and pool service, property management, HVAC, refrigeration, produce, pest control, security and alarms, locksmiths, van pools and shuttle service, law enforcement, or landscaping.

If this is something you would like to do to earn additional income, either part time or full time, please contact us at 1.888.801.9529. Please tell us about your work history and why this position is of interest to you. If applicable, we will send you an Agent Agreement outlining the program in more detail.