About GPSisUS

About GPSisUS

As we continue to improve our customer relationships and services on a National basis, we’ve added an App just for you. It’s called GPSisUs and it’s where you can now find all of your business needs when it comes to our dash cams and GPS systems. Enjoy!




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It’s a live site giving you that “touch -n- feel” of how things really work. Login to live GPS systems and click away, watch videos to see how our Dashboards, Reports, and Alerts work. Learn how to choose the right system for your business. Schedule appointments to speak with our team. Go shopping. Join our Newsletter. Check out our Rewards and Loyalty Programs, meet the Team, and much more!

Who We Are: Celebrating over 25 years in business, we’re part of a larger organization called Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services, Inc. A Nevada Corporation. We have sales, support, service, and installation teams across the country.

What We Do: We provide our customers with a wide selection of dash cams and GPS systems tailored to meet your business needs, expectations, and budget. We let YOU choose the right system for your business.

Our Vendors: We’re partners with several of the largest, long-time dash cam and GPS companies in the marketplace. Such as; Nauto, Smart Witness, Safety Vision, GPS Insight, Spireon, Teletrac/NAVMAN Wireless, Global Cloud Fleet, and many more.

Product Overviews: Product overviews is a great place to find complete product specifications, features and benefits, videos of real live sites, login information to view real systems in real time, pricing information, and much more.


The Staff at Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services, Inc.