A Different Kind of GPS System


A Different Kind of GPS System

At GPSisUS, we know the value of driver safety.

Social Telematics now allows the entire fleet to work together as a team to improve driver behavior. With mobile capabilities and gamification, managers reward drivers for achievements such as “most improved driver” or “safest driver of the month.” Rewards has been proven as one of the single highest predictors of an “organizational climate,” which in turn has a direct correlation with financial results.

Gamification has built-in features wherein a driver who makes the same kind of error several times is shown a specific tutorial video and answers a questionnaire. Over time, your HR analysts can determine which kinds of tutorials have made the most difference to improving fleet safety and productivity.

Drivers now see the same driver behavior data that managers see, (cell phone use, texting, manipulation, etc.) and make adjustments as they see their own driving errors in real-time. Not only can drivers see their own data, they can see their colleagues too, stimulating healthy competition among the entire fleet. Managers reward drivers for achievements like “most efficient driver” or “most improved driver” with gift cards from major companies like Amazon or Walmart.

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