94% of collisions are caused by driver behavior and attitude!


94% of collisions are caused by driver behavior and attitude!

So, how do you monitor your field technician’s cell phone use when they’re driving?

Mentor for Fleets by eDriving from GPSisUS is a great way to know if your techs are talking, texting, manipulating their cell phones, and much more while the vehicle is in motion. Fleet Manager Dashboard ranks good and bad driver behaviors, and more.

Drivers take short interactive tutorials from their cell phone for self-improvement.

Our methodologies and approach to driver engagement have been proven (and validated!) to reduce collisions by helping drivers be better in control of themselves behind the wheel.

What is Mentor For Fleets By eDriving?

Mentor is a “continuous improvement” driver risk management solution, acting as a personal driving coach to help drivers improve and then maintain their safe driving habits.

Mentor For Fleets collects, analyzes and scores data on driving behaviors such as Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Cell Phone Distraction and Speeding and provides clear performance progress and in-app training to help drivers change their driving behavior and reduce their risk of collisions.

FICO Safe Driving Score:

This is a score based on each driver’s measured driving behaviors, including Harsh Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Cell phone Distraction and Speeding. In addition to measuring risky behaviors, Mentor For Fleets also gathers data on positive events such as Smooth Acceleration, Smooth Cornering, and Smooth Braking. These positive factors increase a driver’s score. This combination of positive and negative behaviors, along with time of day and distance traveled are factored into the FICO® Safe Driving Score.

How is the Mentor For Fleets By eDriving FICO Driving Score Calculated?

The score is calculated daily and shown to you in the dashboard as a rolling 7-day average score.

Driving variables included in the score:




Distraction (Cell phone Calls, Texting, Handling)


Smooth Maneuvering (Smooth Acceleration, Braking and Cornering = positive scoring)

Distance Traveled

Duration of Trip