PTT For iPads and Tablets


PTT For iPads and Tablets

GPSisUS announces a new App!

Push to Talk App for your iPads and Tablets

Instant voice communication with any group or privately with any individual

Nationwide coverage / Real time GPS tracking

Recorded call history

Dispatch software installs on any windows PC in minutes and allows you to instantly communicate directly to all radios and iPads/Tablets in your network. Talk to the entire group or any individual and even send short messages to each device by simply pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.

Dispatch control panel shows real time locations and receives SOS alerts for immediate response to any critical emergency. You can also set the radios to go to a “Hot Mic” situation in emergency situations so the dispatcher can hear what is going on.
Lone worker module allows the dispatcher to set a timer that will alert on the control panel if a worker has not checked in during a set time duration.

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