New LinkedIn Group just for you


New LinkedIn Group just for you

GPSisUS is the only Group on LinkedIn where you can learn first hand about what’s happening in the world of GPS technology, products, and services for your business.

Members of this group (Users, Business Owners, Fleet Managers, Safety Officers, Operations Managers, Consultants, Developers, Manufacturer’s, Vendors, Suppliers, Sales Reps, and more) should have a common interest in sharing ideas, products and services, new technology, current events, Trade Shows, Seminars, feedback, asking questions, making recommendations, and providing examples of how to better manage their field workforce, provide safety, fleets, off-road equipment, and mobile assets.

The majority of our members are responsible for managing their companies field workforce, commercial fleets, trailers, and / or heavy equipment. Members are typically Business Owners, Property Managers, Security Patrol, Fleet Managers, Transportation Managers, Dispatchers, Safety Directors, HR, CEO’s, Law Enforcement, and Private Investigators who are interested in learning about new ideas and technology dedicated to helping them manage, monitor, track, and recover their mobile assets.

Feel free to post what you would like to learn or know when it comes to managing your company’s field assets and workforce, employee safety while driving, and improving your company’s bottom line.

Share how you currently manage your field workforce, your fleet of trucks or off-road equipment, driver behavior improvements, dash cams, GPS systems, managing fuel consumption, time on the job, odd-hour alerts, your company’s products and services, and much more.

Share your workplace experiences (past and present), your job description (past and present), or anything related to your business and our industry.

Be professional and respectful at all times