DOT Compliance: Use Radios, not cell phones!


DOT Compliance: Use Radios, not cell phones!

GPSisUS wants you to know that our Radios are DOT Compliant.

In an effort to reduce the number of auto accidents related to distracted driving by commercial motor vehicles, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration( FMCSA) passed a law limiting the use of mobile phones by commercial drivers.

According to a fact sheet regarding the rules put out by the organization, the rules for compliance with this regulation are simple. Drivers are to do none of the following with cellular phones:

No reaching
No holding
No dialing
No texting
No reading

Rules such as these are necessary to help prevent many unnecessary accidents. However, drivers on the road still need to be in communication with dispatch and others along the way.

How do You Keep the Lines of Communication Open with Drivers Without Violating Law?

The challenge has been for drivers to comply with the law without giving up access to vital safety and instructional information. There are some options available to consider.

In order to comply with the law drivers may choose to use hands-free mobile communication such as voice-activated dialing.

To do this, the driver must have the mobile device located where he or she can initiate, terminate, or answer a call with the touch of a single button while restrained by a safety harness in a seated position.

It does not comply if the driver must reach for the phone or if more than the pressing of a single button is required for any of the three functions listed above.

How Does Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) Meet DOC Compliance?

PTT technology over Cellular, coupled with the appropriate device, such as our Peak Radio System, and kept within an easy pressing distance from the driver, offers complete compliance with these regulations.

How does it work?

PTT with Peak PTT offers one-touch access for group-wide communications from anywhere in the nation.

POC offers DOT-compliant solutions to prevent distracted driving while allowing organizations to send important safety alerts, route changes, and other necessary information with the press of a button.

Because drivers aren’t required to make phone calls to dispatch and can initiate two-way conversations with the press of a button, the roads are safer for all. Distracted driving puts everyone on the roadways at risk. It is in everyone’s best interest for large motor carriers and business organizations, like yours, to comply with these regulations as efficiently as possible.

Peak PTT, thanks to push to talk over cellular technology and our nationwide 4G LTE network, allows you to comply with regulations while keeping the windows open for effective and efficient communication with your drivers.