New Partnership – Samara


New Partnership – Samara

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services, along with GPSisUS, is proud to announce our new partnership with Samara.

The only all-inclusive combination Dual Lens Camera using Artificial Intelligence and a complete Fleet Management GPS System on one Dashboard that works seamlessly with cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and specialized vehicles from your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device. Collect data directly from each vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port to proactively spot issues such as failing batteries and engine faults. Quickly identify vehicles in need of service to protect vehicle health. Avoid breakdowns and reduce costs with usage-based maintenance. Schedule preventative maintenance based on time, actual mileage, or engine hours to extend vehicle and asset lifetimes. Maximize uptime and minimize costs with real-time vehicle diagnostics, usage-based preventative maintenance schedules, paperless DVIRs, and more.

A Complete System for Compliance, Safety, Efficiency, and Customer Service

Improve Fleet Productivity: Rich reports and visualizations enable fleets to complete more jobs in fewer hours and with fewer miles, while dispatch tools, real-time traffic, and route analytics help operators increase output.

Reduce Labor & Fuel Costs: On-demand reports and real-time alerts identify and correct fuel waste, while route analytics help reduce unnecessary miles, saving both fuel and labor.

Streamline Maintenance: Over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, engine utilization reports, and real-time fault code alerts enable maintenance departments to prevent breakdowns and automate routine inspections.

An Advanced Fleet Safety Solution with Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

Samsara Internet-connected Dash Cams and Artificial Intelligence-driven reporting tools provide powerful insights that reduce collisions, keep drivers safe, and lower accident-related costs.

Prevent Accidents: Improve fleet safety using alerts, real-time incident detection, distracted driving tags, and coaching tools.
Protect Drivers: Keep drivers safe by rewarding good behavior and exonerating innocent employees against false claims.
Save Money: Lower accident-related costs and accelerate insurance payouts—all at half the cost of traditional dash cam system.

Combine up to 8 cameras to enhance visibility, safety, and security across your fleet


Front- & dual-facing dash cams auto-upload incident footage to exonerate drivers, lower costs & reduce collisions.


Monitor all activity inside a vehicle, bus or trailer in order to protect passengers and enhance cargo security.


Eliminate blind spots, review sideswiping accidents & monitor loading/unloading with ruggedized outdoor cameras.