What Does PoC Stand For?


What Does PoC Stand For?

At GPSisUS, we’re always searching for new technology that will help our customers improve their bottom line and overall supply chain.

PoC stands for PUSH-TO-TALK over CELLULAR. A fairly new technology that’s hitting the field service industry with storm. Remember Nextel’s Push-to-Talk Radios? We’ll, this is similar, but now with unlimited coverage from companies like AT&T and Verizon.

About a 50% savings in monthly expenses over cell phones.

You can talk to one person or a Group of people Instantly, and over a secure Network too.

PoC includes real time GPS locations of your field workforce!

PoC can only be used for business purposes. No texting. No personal phone calls.

Free Radios. No contracts.

What are you waiting for? Learn more at www.GPSisUs.com. Click on the Products and More Tab, then search for PEAK PTT – system Overview.