EZ Fleet GPS Tracking System


EZ Fleet GPS Tracking System

GPSisUS is proud to announce EZ Fleet Tracking

EZ To Use – EZ To Own – EZ to Install

Lifetime warranties – Never Any Contracts. Free equipment.

Starting at only $14.95/month.

Two Editions to choose from

1. Standard Edition

2. Lite Edition

The EZ Fleet Tracking GPS system is web based, providing access to your fleet information limited only by your access to the internet. Includes a mobile web application that will auto-size for your smartphone or mobile device.

Zone Alerts: Create geofences and alerts associated with them. See the alert history for a period of 30 days in the last 120 days.

Road and Aerial Maps: We use Google Maps.

Landmarks: Add landmarks in the application.

Variable Reporting Intervals: Variable Reporting intervals based on product type – 60 seconds to as low as 2X/day.

Maintenance Alert: You will receive an alert when it is time for maintenance on the vehicle.

Low Battery Alert: You will receive an alert if the battery is getting low.

Reporting: Our applications include a wide variety of reports such as trip reports, driving behavior and more.

Dashboard: Our applications display a dashboard where you can see all of your vehicles with summary data.

Multiple User Login: Within our application, you can create multiple users for your account.

Web Application: Our application is web based, so there is no need to install or upkeep proprietary software.

Mobile Application: We also have mobile applications for both Android and iPhone.

Training Videos: Our application includes a Support area with training videos for each topic.

Unit Sleeps: Unit “goes to sleep” and draws less than 3ma (won’t drain your batteries).

Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy knowing your equipment is under warranty.

EZ-FLEET Standard Edition / EZ-FLEET Lite Edition Comparison Details:

Real-time data: Both Editions.

100% Cloud Based: Both Editions.

Mobile Application: Both Editions.

Landmarks: Both Editions.

Geofencing: Both Editions.

Location Updates:

Standard Edition: One Minute. Verizon.

Lite Edition: Five Minutes. AT&T or Sprint.

Upgrade to Standard Edition with 30 day notice. $25.00 set-up fee/device.

Number of Users:

Standard Edition: Unlimited.

Lite Edition: One User.

Number of Reports:

Standard Edition: 35 Reports.

Lite Edition: 9 Reports. Daily Details, Daily Summary, Trip Details, Idle Details,

Idle Alert Report, Stop Details, Speed Alert Report, Workday, Workday Landmark.

Number of Alerts:

Standard Edition: 22 Alerts.

Lite Edition: 6 alerts. Stop, Speed (Max. Speed Alert Only),
Landmark, Idle, Low Battery, After Hours.

Speed Alerts:

Standard Edition: Posted and Threshold.

Lite Edition: Threshold.

Automated Reports: Standard Edition only.

Dashboards: Standard Edition only.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Standard Edition only.

Starter Disable: Standard Edition only.

Door Unlock: Standard Edition only.

Inputs: Standard Edition only.

Integration Capability: Standard Edition only.

Dispatch Capability: Standard Edition only.

Maintenance Alerts: Standard Edition only.

Equipment, Trailer and Asset Tracking: Standard Edition only.