Can You Answer These Questions?


Can You Answer These Questions?

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services wants to know if YOU can answer these questions:

As business owners, or anyone responsible for managing a mobile workforce and fleet of vehicles or off-road equipment, it’s important to ask yourself how you currently manage these situations

1. Accountability during off time and weekends?

2. Employee theft due to side-jobs?

3. Unauthorized use of vehicles?

4. Proof of delivery?

5. Time on the job and billable service?

6. Dispatching and routing jobs?

7. Driver Identification?

8. Do you have a written driver policy?

9. Safety and driver behavior?

10. Risk Management and collision avoidance?

11. Vehicle maintenance reminders and logs to track cost of repairs?

12. Vehicle registration renewals?

13. Fuel accountability, consumption, and performance?

14. Remote engine diagnostics and diagnostic trouble codes?

15. Alerts: Odd hours, DTC’s, maintenance, idle times, vehicle battery conditions?

16. Posted speed limits and real time traffic conditions?

17. Odd-hours and overtime?

18. Work hours and time cards?

19. Off-road equipment accountability?

20. Engine hours and hours of service?