New Dash Cam Tracks Your Eye Movements!


New Dash Cam Tracks Your Eye Movements!

Don’t take your eyes off the road when using Nauto’s new dash cam that uses Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition to store real time video in the cloud.

If you do, this dash cam will take your video, including vehicle speeds, locations, and duration of distractions, then store it in the cloud for video and audio playback.

It does all the rest of the stuff too… Like recording hard starts, hard stops, collisions, and then creates a driver behavior scorecard that ranks your driver’s performance.

The duel lens camera system detects if drivers are distracted based on their eye and head movements, risky maneuvers such as tailgating or swerving, and dangerous environmental conditions such as unexpected obstacles. These events alert the driver through audio feedback inside the vehicle.

Over time, the data collected by Nauto ( reveals bigger insights and trends in driving behavior, ranging from causes of collisions to patterns in driver distraction. These insights are stored in a secure cloud platform and made accessible to both drivers and fleet managers. Drivers and managers can benefit from Nauto’s VERA score—personalized feedback based on their driving performance—and fleet managers can gain access to a complete picture of how each of their drivers are performing across locations. Through these data-driven insights, Nauto gives drivers and fleet managers the tools to stay safe on the road.

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