We Have The Cure For Tech Addiction


We Have The Cure For Tech Addiction

LifeSaver – Distracted Driving App for Fleets!

Change Driver Behavior:

LifeSaver’s mobile app provides an overridable block, discouraging drivers from using their smartphone while driving their company vehicle. Using smart location services, the app monitors and logs attempts to access the phone while driving, then scores drivers based on their behavior. LifeSaver’s prevention and accountability model – especially when coupled with an employer-driven reward/penalty program – has been shown to modify driving behavior.

Monitor and Improve Your Fleet:

A personalized management console helps you identify problem and superior drivers. You can use the information to acknowledge current driving behaviors, set expectations for future behavior and improve performance by reinforcing the businesses’ commitment to distraction-free driving. Plus, you have flexibility to manage your account settings and view your LifeSaver usage and compliance by individual or customizable groups.

Expect a No-Hassle Experience:

Activation is simple, relying on deployment that allows your employees to install the app through a dashboard–initiated invitation. There is no hardware to purchase, install or update and the intuitive app works behind-the-scenes – silently and unobtrusively – while being efficient on the phone’s battery.

Sign up Today:

To start your free trial of LifeSaver visit www.mobiletrackingandconsulting.com.