How Deep Can You Dive?


How Deep Can You Dive?




Use Metrics to gain a deeper understanding of your key performance indicators and to help improve fleet utilization. This information is relevant to reducing costs that impact the bottom line.

Custom vehicle metrics allow you to determine what key performance indicators to count, measure, score, compare, and calculate. In other words, it’s a powerful a tool set that is driven entirely by the items you care about most in your fleet–such as the total number of speeding events, the average speed of speed violations, the total hours idled, the total distance traveled, etc.

Scorecard KPIs…..

• See the number of events
• Add thresholds and weights to events
• See the resulting score for each metric
• Create a final score as a rollup of all metric scores
• Compare vehicle performance and rank drivers

Metrics Reporting….

Use our Metrics Reports Tool to view summary, detail, and trend data about an existing metric or scorecard (collection of metric scores) using various charts and tables.

You can also view individual metrics from several places on the dashboard and the traditional reporting interface, such as the Vehicle Selector dashlet, Utilization Rollup dashlet, and the Fleet Hierarchy Rollup report.