Adding An Integration From Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services


Adding An Integration From Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services provides several options when it comes to integrating 3rd party applications.

APIs – Application Programming Interfaces

An application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other. The portal’s API provides a form of communication via XML or JSON coding language to push your fleet’s data (e.g., odometer reading, location, engine hours, etc.) from our system to your back-end systems (e.g., ERP, Dispatch, CRM). By using our API you can effortlessly integrate your fleet’s data into your back-end systems to provide transparency into payroll, fuel card transactions, additional documentation, asset management, and more.


Webhooks are part of our API and are a simple way to get events in our system—such as such as a vehicle’s location or a vehicle entering a landmark—pushed to your system as they occur. We push data by making an HTTP POST to a URL that you have configured with us for an event.

Manage Third Party Integrations

In addition to webhooks, the portal can also support third-party integrations with several providers. Some providers require a signed release form for permission to transfer location data.