How To Choose The Right GPS System


How To Choose The Right GPS System

Here’s what Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services says about choosing the right GPS system…

1. Write down your expectations: Why do you want to purchase a GPS system (easy answer) and how do you expect to use it (hard answer)? Make sure you’re not creating more work to manage. Managing your expectations should be easy!

2. Ask for a Webinar: Make sure your expectations are demonstrated and meet your satisfaction. Make a list of questions for the Webinar. Make sure you see their entire user interface, maps, admin functions, permission levels, and list of reports and alerts.

3. Ask if they have custom map views: Custom map views allow you to have maps based on asset types, vehicle types, groups, departments, and user rolls. Outstanding feature for multiple users with different permission levels.

4. Ask for login credentials to their demo GPS site: Play and learn on your own. How easy is it to use for you and new users to create custom maps, geofences, landmarks, different users with permission levels, and generate alerts and reports?

5. Ask to try their Mobile App: Evaluate their mobile app to see what features it offers. Is it a true mobile app you download, or simply a website? A real mobile app allows you to remain logged in, while a website requires you to login every time.

6. Ask for a free two-week trial for two GPS devices: This tells a great story generates more questions. Trials always trump Webinars! You’ll learn a lot about the GPS system during the trial, and even more about the company.

7. Ask for two references: Ask questions like…Does the GPS system do everything they said it would do? Did they provide outstanding customer service when needed? Did they respond in a timely fashion to your request? Is the GPS system reliable?

8. Ask how they train and support their customers: Do they provide on-site training and support? Do they provide unlimited training and support via Webinars, Videos, and 24/7 technical support?

9. Ask how they handle installations: Can you do your own installations without voiding their warranty? Do they provide on-site installation training? Installation videos? Who pays for trouble-shooting the GPS devices if they do the installations?

10. Ask how they handle deactivations and reactivations: Can you deactivate or reactivate GPS devices for any length of time with no penalty or monthly fees? Different than “seasonal suspend,” which is for a limited time-period and reduced monthly fees.