Reason’s to buy a new GPS system


Reason’s to buy a new GPS system

If the following scenarios apply to your current GPS system, then it’s time to buy a different GPS system

1. Unreliable data: The vehicles are not where the GPS system is showing, and some of the GPS devices haven’t been reporting correctly for months! And, the alerts are not reliable and often come too late to take corrective measures.

2. Not meeting your expectations: The GPS system simply doesn’t do what you were told it would do! Maybe a free trial would have prevented this from happening? Trials trump demo’s and webinar’s!

3. Poor customer service: Tired of leaving voice mail messages every time you call, or sending emails only to never get a reply? Worse yet, customer service doesn’t know how to fix your problem!

4. Tired of paying rental fees: Your return on investment is always better when purchasing a GPS system verses renting or leasing. The average time a company keeps their GPS system is 5+ years, so look at the long term whenever possible and calculate the ROI.

5. Tired of contracts: Contracts do not allow you to deactivate or cancel GPS devices. Over the long term, there will always be times when you want to turn off a GPS device. As an example: Vehicle is no longer in your fleet, or business is slow.

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