Fake News – Says Mobile Tracking and Consulting Serivces


Fake News – Says Mobile Tracking and Consulting Serivces



Here’s just a few reasons why the Fleet Connect GPS System is different from other GPS systems and voted #1 in our industry

• Able to deactivate and reactivate any or all GPS devices at no charge and pay no monthly fees while deactivated

• Two User Interfaces to choose from. Change from Standard (for small fleets) to Pro (for larger fleets) anytime at no charge and same low monthly fees

• Custom map views based on users, vehicle types, asset types, departments, and more

• Buzzer feature alerts drivers with audible beeps when exceeding thresholds (speeds, idle times, etc.) set by the Fleet Manager

• Manage all of your assets on one User Interface. Light and heavy duty vehicles, trailers, portable equipment, non-powered assets, and more

• Built-in back up battery detects main battery failures

BETTER THAN MOST FLEET CONNECT GPS SYSTEM Possibly the best GPS Fleet Management System available today

$19.95/month plus a one-time activation fee and equipment cost

No contracts

Based on the popular Fleet Connect Fleet Management System, this new technology connects directly to the vehicles OBD2 or J1708/J1939 Ports. Optional splitter harness for light and heavy duty vehicles allows for continued use of the diagnostics port during service, and provides for covert installations, tamper-proof devices, and improved satellite signal strength. Covertly installed, this device uses the ever-popular Verizon platform as the carrier, and provides advanced performance features such as engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, miles per gallon, and more!

Designed for Commercial Fleets – Ruggedized Devices Built-in back up battery with alerts to prevent tampering

Two User Interface Versions: Standard and Pro. Switch any time with 30-day notice. Entire fleets only. Standard User Interface: Designed for very small fleets. One dashboard and map for ease of use. Pro User Interface: Designed for larger fleets that require custom dashboards and maps for multiple users, different permission levels per user, driver behavior scorecards, fuel card integration, landmark groups, and vehicle graphs. New built-in “BUZZER” technology alerts drivers when speeding, idling, or making hard starts, hard stops, and even hard turns. High pitch audible buzzer improves bad driving habits quickly and safely.

1. Remote engine diagnostics data. 2. Monitor fuel consumption. 3. Monitor miles per gallon. 4. Seat Belt notification (vehicle dependent). 5. Track vehicle speeds and locations. 6. Mapping – current, history, breadcrumb trails, and replay. 7. Alerts – speeding, idle times, odd hours, stops, landmarks, service reminders. 8. Mobile Application for smartphones. 9. Landmarks – Geofences, import, export, and edit. 10. Dispatch – closet to vehicles, landmarks, and more. 11. Utility – Scheduled reports, legends, and more. 12. Posted speed limits. 13. Locate on demand. 14. Maintenance Reminders. 15. Multiple and customizable dashboards. Pro Version only. 16. Graphs – comparison, groups, and vehicles. Pro Version only. 17. Detect harsh braking, cornering, or acceleration. Optional. Add $2.00/month. Pro Version only. 18. Fuel card integration. Optional. Add $2.00/Month. Pro Version only. 19. PTO. Optional. Add $2.00/month. Pro Version only.
20. Activity Reports: Activity Detail – All Reported locations for each vehicle. Begin/End of Day – The first start and last stop for any or all vehicles in your fleet. Drive Time Summary – A Summary of fleet driving statistics. Odd Hours – Report on driving-time violations. Fleet Utilization – Utilization details on all fleet vehicles. Idle Time Summary – Report on idle durations for your fleet. Idle Time Detail – Report on individual idle stops for vehicles in your fleet. Alert History – Detailed information on alerts. User Activity – Login, reporting, and alert counts. Vehicle List – List all registered vehicles in a specific group. 21. Diagnostic Reports: Performance – Most recently reported data from each vehicle. Run Time – View odometer and run time totals. Service Reminders – Pending service reminders for your fleet. 22. Landmark Reports: Landmark History – Detailed information on visits to known landmarks.
Landmark Group – Report on stop/idle time spent in a landmark group. Pro Version only. 23. Speeding Reports: Speeding Violation – All speeding instances with location data for each. Posted Speed Violations – Violations of local posted speed. 24. Stop Detail Reports: Stop Detail and Idle Time – Report summarizing stops and idle time. State Mileage – See vehicle mileage by state and state mileage by vehicle.