What’s Your Excuse This Time?


What’s Your Excuse This Time?

What’s Your Excuse This Time?

At Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services, we hear all kinds of excuses why companies refuse to implement our GPS products and services into their supply chain.

When will it be time to stop making excuses?

Good question. Some say it has something to do with a thing called a comfort zone and you won’t take any action until you get out of that comfort zone. Well, here’s something to think about; If you don’t take any action, life may just keep shrinking your comfort zone down and down. Think about it. If you keep right on making the same amount of money, it obviously won’t go as far because it will be outpaced by inflation and the rising cost of living. What if you just got out of that comfort zone right now, instead of waiting for life to evict you?

Here’s some of the more popular excuses:

Too busy right now. Come back when business slows down
Business is bad. Come back when it picks up
I trust my employees. Don’t need to manage them
Never had GPS before. Don’t need it now

The real excuse: You don’t want to measure what you manage. What are you afraid of?

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