Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services knows how to on save fuel


Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services knows how to on save fuel

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services knows how to save on fuel. So, let’s share it with you too!

Four Easy Ways to Save on Fuel Costs…..

If you’re like many local businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, you’re keeping a close eye on rising or falling fuel costs. Even small rises in gasoline prices can really eat into your profits, especially as you add more vehicles to your fleet. That makes accurate budgeting incredibly difficult.

There are several practical ways GPS fleet management solutions can help small businesses reduce fuel costs. Here are four that can help you get started today:

1. Choose the best route, every time. Choosing the shortest, most practical route can save hundreds of dollars a year per vehicle in fuel. Voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions will take your drivers directly to street-level addresses. With navigation, savings of 10 or 15—or more—miles a week are possible by eliminating out-of-route miles, and as a bonus, there will be less vehicle wear and tear and less frequent maintenance visits.

2. Use fuel incentive programs. Let’s face it, everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. A GPS fleet tracking solution can help you capture data to compare drivers against their peers based on miles per gallon, idle time and other fuel metrics, and offer cash rebates and rewards for performance. Consider taking a team approach to encourage top-performing drivers to mentor less-efficient drivers.

3. Know where your drivers and assets are—and where they should be. A GPS fleet tracking solution allows you to set up instant alert notifications when a vehicle strays out of an established geofence. Being able to keep your vehicles within a boundary means you have better control over fuel costs.

4. Turn off the engine. As it gets colder, it’s tempting for drivers to keep the engine running while warming up a vehicle in the morning or between jobs. To maximize fuel savings, drivers should avoid excessive warm-up times when starting the vehicles. Use real-time alerts to discover trends in other times when drivers have a habit of idling.

Source: Nextraq Blog. Posted on 12/01/2016 by Lisa Durrett.