Why insurance companies love Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services


Why insurance companies love Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services

Here’s why most insurance companies love working with Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services:

Insurance companies often offer discounts on commercial auto insurance if your company employs GPS technology to track fleet vehicles. They do this because the GPS systems are likely to save them money on claims, so in turn they pass on the savings to you in the form of reduced premiums.

How does GPS tracking prevent auto insurance claims, and why do insurance companies love GPS tracking systems so much?

1. Lower chance of claims due to vehicle theft. Without GPS tracking, it often takes police departments weeks to track down stolen vehicles. In many cases, the vehicle is never recovered, and the auto insurance company pays out a large claim. But, if one of your vehicles is stolen, the installed GPS tracking system makes it highly likely that you’ll recover the vehicle quickly. Fleet Connect GPS system includes movement and odd-hour alerts!

2. Improved driving behavior. Many accidents, and therefore insurance claims, are caused by speeding and other reckless driving behaviors. When your drivers know they are being monitored by the installed GPS system, they are unlikely to speed and risk an accident. Insurance companies are very happy with GPS systems for this reason. Fleet Connect GPS system includes a Driver Behavior Scorecard and Buzzer feature!

3. Discourage misuse of vehicles. The more a vehicle is driven, the chances of any type of accident increase. Insurance companies know this, and appreciate GPS tracking systems which prevent employees from taking company vehicles out on a joy ride “off grid”. Fleet Connect GPS system includes Mileage Reports and Geofence Alerts!

4. Proper maintenance prevents accidents. A vehicle which suffers a tire blowout or mechanical malfunction is more likely to cause an accident. If your GPS tracking service notifies you when it’s time to perform regular maintenance operations like oil changes and tire rotations, your company vehicle is less likely to be involved in an accident. Insurance companies appreciate the lower level of risk, and lower risk means lower auto insurance premiums. Fleet Connect GPS system includes Remote Engine Diagnostic Trouble codes and alerts, SMOG Compliance, Service Reminders and Alerts, and Service logs for total cost of ownership!