What’s Your Excuse This Time?


What’s Your Excuse This Time?

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services has heard it all when it comes to excuses for not buying a GPS system.

No matter what your excuse is, in most cases the real reason for not purchasing a GPS fleet management system is that you don’t want to manage another process in your supply chain. Period!

But, whatever your excuse is for not implementing a GPS fleet management system, the day will come when you will want to change your mind. The decision process is usually triggered by an event, or an incident, that makes you realize it’s time to move forward with a GPS tracking system to help you measure what you manage. That event can be anything from a vehicle accident, vehicle theft, increased maintenance costs, poor customer service, high fuel expenses, evidence of field techs doing side jobs, inaccurate billable services and employee time cards, and much more!

We’ve heard most of these excuses, but maybe you can help us add your excuse to our growing list? We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a brief list of customer excuses for not buying a GPS fleet management system:

1. Not in our budget right now.
2. Too expensive.
3. No interest.
4. Never had it, never will.
5. We trust our employees.
6. We’re too busy right now, come back during our slow season.
7. Business is bad right now, come back during our busy season.
8. We only have 2-3 vehicles.
9. We tried a GPS system a few years ago and it didn’t work for us.
10. Our field techs would object to big brother.

If you’re running out of excuses, and you’re ready to purchase a GPS fleet management system, please schedule an appointment today with Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services.