How to avoid driver privacy concerns when implementing a GPS system


How to avoid driver privacy concerns when implementing a GPS system

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services has a few recommendations for you to consider when it comes to your employees driver privacy concerns.

The toughest part of implementing any GPS fleet management system can be introducing the technology to drivers who have privacy concerns. Infringing on driver privacy is a major concern for many fleet managers and it is important to approach the subject in the right way to gain acceptance from everyone who will be affected by the addition of this new technology.

The #1 mistake fleet managers make during implementation that causes privacy concerns with vehicle tracking software is not being forthcoming with employees about their plans to start tracking. It is strongly advised to introduce GPS tracking to employees, be honest about your plans to use vehicle tracking from the start, explain how your business will be using it, and reassure them that it will not be an invasion of their privacy.

Update Driver Policies to Reduce Privacy Concerns:

A good way to communicate with employees about how your fleet will be using vehicle tracking is adding it directly into your driver policies. This explains why your business is using the software and what is being monitored, and what the rules and expectations are for drivers which are helpful for training new employees and will defuse any complaints about privacy down the line. It is important to draft driver policies in the right away to avoid infringing on privacy. A well-written policy will speak to employee safety and tracking vehicles, not tracking the employees themselves. Some examples of sections in driver policies that can be added or updated with vehicle tracking data include: • Driver safety • Posted speed violations • Vehicle usage during specific times of day • Acceptable idle time thresholds • Vehicle maintenance requirements, and much more.

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