How cold is it, really?


How cold is it, really?

Cold Storage Solutions from Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services

Moving perishables like produce, dairy products, seafood or pharmaceuticals means you have a lot more to worry about than other transport companies. You need continuous temperature monitoring to safeguard your cargo, plus your customers are asking for end-to-end records to comply with federal regulations on food handling (FDA and HACCP). Finding ways to shave fuel costs is important for all fleets, but even more so when you’re running reefers. Add the new hours-of-service regulations that require seamless e-logging, and you now need a more capable breed of commercial fleet management solution for refrigeration.

Navman Wireless delivers all that and more with a customized service plan for refrigeration fleet optimization that enables you to:

• Easily integrate temperature monitoring into your general fleet tracking information.

• Receive email alerts for out-of-range temperature conditions.

• Automatically collect data required to prove transit at correct temperature. Instantly access your records for up to 24 months with data available on request after this time period.

• Provide live monitoring of cargo door operation for improved temperature control and added load security.

• Simplify hours-of-service compliance with e-logs.

• Track and analyze fuel usage and idling patterns to adjust routes, pare costs and reduce carbon emissions.

• Transmit customized forms—invoices, job tickets, route info and more—between the office and your drivers to reduce paperwork and ensure accuracy.

• Automatically compile state mileage reports to simplify and streamline IFTA reporting.

• Improve and streamline DVIR compliance with paperless logging and reporting.

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services cold chain fleet optimization solutions and award-winning Navman Wireless DIRECTOR software makes it all possible, opening an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet on your PC, tablet or smartphone. And for extra capabilities, your tracking data can also integrate easily with internal systems and third-party applications.

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