How To Reduce Your Fleets True Cost of Ownership


How To Reduce Your Fleets True Cost of Ownership

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services knows how to help you reduce your fleets total cost of ownership by measuring what you manage. As an example, knowing and managing what your fleets total operations cost is (like lube, oil filter, brakes, repairs, etc.) allows you to better control and manage those expenses before that occur.

Most GPS systems allow you to manage “Service Reminders” so you know when service is due on one or more of your vehicles, like an oil change. But…few GPS systems also allow you to keep track of your COST of service (how much did that oil change cost), and then create REPORTS providing easy to read total cost of ownership per vehicle.

You see…. Service Reminders are NOT the same thing as Service Logs! Service Reminders simply provide you with “alerts” when a particular service is due, like an oil change.

Service Logs is what you need to keep track of your total cost of ownership.

As an example, does your GPS system allow you to enter the service date, the mileage at the time of service, the cost for a specific service, detailed service notes on what was serviced, repaired, or a description of what service was performed, and then generate reports itemizing the total cost for each service?

If you’re interested in Service Logs, then you need Fleet Connect, possibly the best GPS fleet management system in the industry today.

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