How To Choose Your Next GPS System


How To Choose Your Next GPS System

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services has a few recommendations for you to think of when it comes to choosing YOUR next GPS system.

You see… most Fleet Managers fail to do their “due Diligence” when it comes to selecting the right GPS system for their organization. In most cases, they simply Google “GPS tracking” and focus on the company that’s at the top of their search list without first doing some internal homework to make sure they’re making the right purchasing decision.

So, here’s a few words of wisdom to help you along the way….

1. Ask yourself why you want to purchase a GPS system, and how you plan to use it once installed in your vehicles. As an example, I want to improve customer service.
2. Write down at least TWO key features you expect to get after purchasing your GPS system. As an example, I want to see where my field techs are, and when they arrived on the job site.
3. Make sure you select at least TWO GPS companies to compare features and benefits, prices, support, etc.
4. Find out who the wireless carrier is for your GPS system. Verizon or AT&T (3G) should be your choices.
5. Compare prices of at least two GPS systems. They should be in the ball park. If not, and it’s too good to be true… it probably is.
6. Ask for a WebEx (Webinar) to see how the GPS User Interface works, Reports, Alerts, Mobile App, etc..
7. Ask for a free trial of at least two GPS devices for two weeks. If the GPS company is not willing to offer you a free trial, they’re probably not competitive.
8. Ask if their GPS devices work on light duty/heavy duty vehicles, and portable/heavy equipment. It should!
9. Ask if they provide on-site service, support, training, and installation. If not, they’re just a telemarketing company.
10. Finally, if all else goes well, and you agree to their pricing, ask for at least two references before making your purchasing decision.

Let Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services help you choose the right GPS system for your company. Call us today, or schedule an appointment online now.