New App let’s you order GPS systems fast and easy


New App let’s you order GPS systems fast and easy

Now available on our Mobile App, Mobile tracking and Consulting Services has made it all too easy for you to order their Fleet Connect GPS System.

Possibly the best Fleet Management system in the industry today, Fleet Connect is now so popular we had to make it faster and easier for everyone to place orders, and delivery is still only 2-3 days after submitting your order. In less than five minutes you can be on your way with Fleet Connect. Simple drop down menu’s allow for error free entries and accurate calculations of your order. Instantly receive order and payment confirmation with paid receipts. Delivery confirmation and login instructions follow upon shipment.

Download the Mobile App directly from our web sites Home Page. Just look for the iPhone or Android Badges.

Based on the popular Fleet Connect System, this new technology connects directly to the vehicles OBD2 Port, with optional splitter harness allowing for continued use of the diagnostics port during service. Covertly installed, this device uses the ever popular Verizon platform as the carrier, and provides advanced features such as engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, miles per gallon, and much more!

Plug-N-Play…. and Verizon too! Designed for Commercial Fleets – Ruggedized Devices with Built-in back up battery and alerts to prevent tampering.