Do You Prefer to Rent or Own your GPS System?


Do You Prefer to Rent or Own your GPS System?

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services would like to know your preference for renting or owning your GPS system?

There may be several reasons for going either way here….. so let us help you in your decision process. Here’s some recommendations for when to rent and when to own your GPS system:

1. Renting: The advantages here are little to no upfront costs and life time warranties on the equipment during the rental period. The disadvantages are higher monthly fees and long term contracts.

2. Owning: The advantages here are lower monthly fees and typically no contracts (although this policy is changing as we speak). The disadvantages are upfront costs for the equipment and limited warranty period (typically three years).

Obviously, the path of least resistance is for renting your GPS system. But, over the long term, your best solution is to purchase the equipment (especially since the cost of GPS devices these days has come down substantially) and reduce your monthly expense. Don’t be concerned about the warranty period on the GPS devices, as they typically last for years and years beyond the three year warranty coverage.