Did you just call us Brokers?


Did you just call us Brokers?

That’s Okay… But, Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services is more like Manufacturers Representatives (Dealers/Resellers) because we don’t work for Fleetmatics, Teletrac, Telogis, Networkfleet, NAVMAN Wireless, Spireon, GPS Insight, Trimble Navigation, or any other GPS company. However, we do represent several of these companies, and even Private Label many of them to provide you with the lowest prices in the industry. Then, we add local, on-site service, support, training, and even installation.

You see… We’re very interested in understanding your expectations when it comes to purchasing a GPS system. Only then do we make a recommendation based on your valuable input and budget requirements. That’s very different from what those other GPS companies can do for you because they can only recommend their solution, their company. So, if your expectations don’t include what they’re selling, you lose, and so do they.

Ask yourself these important questions. Then, call us to help you answer them.

1. Why do you want a GPS system? Easy question to answer.
2. How do you plan to use your GPS system? Harder question to answer.
3. What benefits do you hope to obtain from a GPS system? Very hard question to answer.
4. How do you plan to measure the results of having a GPS system? Toughest question to answer.