How do you inspect your fleet?


How do you inspect your fleet?

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services can help you here. We have an App for that too. Try it! Simply download our Mobile App from our web site, click the “More” tab, then click the Mobile Form Demos tab. Enjoy!

Vehicle Inspection Report – A Great App for Fleet Managers, Business Owners… Fast, easy, and in the cloud! Designed for small to medium sized fleets, this quick and easy to use electronic form is the perfect way to keep accurate records of your fleets safety vehicle inspections – right from your tablet or smart phone.

As an Administrator, a mechanic, or business owner responsible for your fleets safety, you will instantly receive notifications of all “problem” areas when your drivers submit this Form.

* Increase speed and accuracy of completing your vehicle safety inspection forms

* Instant communication to supervisors and mechanics

* Capture audio and video information instantly

* Forms stored in the cloud for instant retrieval

* Attach pictures instantly to the Form

* Voice record problem areas

* Reduce data entry errors

* Eliminate paper trails

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