The INK Is Dry….


The INK Is Dry….

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services signs new Dealer Agreement with NAVMAN Wireless.

As a Representative for NAVMAN Wireless, customers will benefit from having local support, on-site installations, on-site training, and on-site service. An all-inclusive package competitively priced!

Now, you get the best of both worlds…. Dealing directly with the manufacturer (NAVMAN Wireless) and getting local support from Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services.


With more than 220,000 vehicles owned by over 17,000 organizations on five continents, Navman Wireless is one of the top SaaS providers of GPS fleet and asset management technology in the world.

An operating company of Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR), Navman Wireless is based in Glenview, Illinois, with additional facilities in California, Mexico, UK, Italy, Taiwan, Ireland, China, New Zealand and Australia.

Founded in New Zealand in 1988, Navman Wireless introduced its first fleet-tracking products in 2001 and was acquired by Brunswick Corporation in 2003.

Brunswick sold the company in 2007 to the current partners and an investment group that has built the independent GPS fleet tracking company.

The fleet tracking and management company’s experienced global management team is led by President TJ Chung, who previously was president of Brunswick New Technologies, and who managed Navman Wireless’ transition to independent status.

In 2012, Navman Wireless was acquired by Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR), a Fortune 250 science and technology company.

A world of tracking and management solutions
Navman Wireless fleet tracking customers include construction companies, school bus fleets, municipal governments and other service companies such as trucking and delivery, limousine services, pest control and more. In fact, fleet tracking stretches across any industry with a company-owned fleet.

Navman Wireless fleet tracking solutions help these customers derive significant cost savings from reduced fuel usage, less vehicle wear and tear, and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, Navman Wireless systems provide significant dispatch, navigation, operating efficiencies and better communications with every vehicle in the fleet and improved compliance with government regulations.

Navman Wireless has won numerous industry awards, including Best GPS Navigation Company, and has a broad portfolio of fleet tracking and management solutions that incorporate GPS devices, two-way messaging and navigation terminals, and our full-featured Navman Wireless DIRECTOR software suite.