Dynamic Dashboards


Dynamic Dashboards

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services have partnered with NAVMAN Wireless to provide you with Dynamic Dashboards to help improve the way you manage your fleet. Now, you can instantly identify issues and uncover root causes with fleet analytics and Dynamic Dashboards.

Fleet optimization requires the ability to quickly visualize and interact with the performance metrics that matter most. With the fleet analytics features of Dynamic Dashboard, you can instantly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across your entire fleet. Simply choose the performance metrics that matter to your business and customize the interface to ensure the information you need is always close at hand. Identify fleet-wide performance trends and drill down to find the root cause of less-than-optimum performance. With Dynamic Dashboard, you get the complete picture from one application.

Powered by Navman Wireless DIRECTOR technology, Dynamic Dashboard fuses GPS fleet analytics with usability to deliver a powerful management tool.

Top features and benefits:

* Flexible interface lets you customize your dashboard and set KPI’s to measure against
* Quickly provides a top-level overview of your fleet’s activities
* Instantly displays performance through easily identifiable color coding
* Presents detailed performance metrics for specific vehicles and timeframes
* Applies KPI values at all drill-down levels, from fleet-wide to individual vehicles
* Utilizes intuitive stacked bar charts or pie charts to easily showcase information
* Features hover-over graphical display that reveals data breakdown