What’s in a GPS Dashboard?


What’s in a GPS Dashboard?

Dots on a map… That’s what most GPS dashboards show you. The dots represent vehicle locations, speeds, times, ignition on/off, and how long it’s been stopped at a particular location. In order to view more detailed information like time on the job, idle times, miles driven, speeding alerts, engine diagnostic alerts, service reminders, landmark stops, and more…. you have to generate a report that’s specific to what you want to view. This process is time consuming and takes you away from your busy workload.

But wait… Now there’s a “customizable” GPS dashboard that lets you see exactly what you want, and how you want it presented. In addition to maps, colored charts and graphs provide immediate feedback when it comes to managing your fleet’s activities. Compare and contrast your entire fleet’s performance in an instant with colored graphs indicating which vehicle is speeding and idling the most, has the most mileage for the day/week/month, is overdue for an oil change, and much more!

There’s more… You can now customize different GPS dashboards according to whose using the system. Dispatchers, Fleet Managers, Service Mangers, Superintendents, and Office Managers may all have different priorities when it comes to viewing a GPS dashboard. Now, you can set up multiple dashboards for multiple users. Its fast and easy too!

Learn how it’s done…. Visit our website at www.mobiletrackingandconsulting.com and schedule an appointment to see for yourself. We’ll show you how fast and easy it is to set up customizable GPS dashboards using our new 3G Verizon Fleet Connect GPS system. Possibly the best GPS system in the industry today.