What are “Service Reminders?


What are “Service Reminders?

Service Reminders are a great way to know when routine maintenance is due on a particular vehicle or asset.

Our new Fleet Connect GPS system offers a vehicle maintenance feature that allows you to schedule reminders for any type of service or maintenance needed for your vehicles, portable equipment, etc…. And…Reports can be scheduled for upcoming or overdue maintenance. You’re even able to define any service needed for each vehicle in your fleet based on mileage intervals, engine hours, or a set date.

Reminders: Schedule Maintenance Reminders to be sent as an alert to management, the driver, or your mechanic, when maintenance is upcoming or overdue.

Reports: Pull a Service Reminder Report to see upcoming or overdue maintenance. All overdue maintenance is highlighted in red.

Learn more about how our Service Reminders can save you money. Schedule an appointment today by visiting our web site at www.mobiletrackingandconsulting.com.