SAVE $5.00/month with new Fleet Connect LITE from Mobile Tracking


SAVE $5.00/month with new Fleet Connect LITE from Mobile Tracking

Effective December 1st, 2014:

Fleet Connect LITE will be introduced for only $19.95/month. Possibly the best Fleet Management System available today…..

* Less Money. Guaranteed!

* Self-installation.

* No contracts.

* No activation fees.

* Three year warranty.

Return Policy: 30 days from date of delivery (less shipping and monthly service fees).


Fleet Connect LITE – $19.95/month
Fleet Connect PRO – $24.95/month

* Optional Rental Program: $29.95/month. $39.00 activation fee. First three months paid in advance. Ten unit minimum order. Activation fee and first three months of service non-refundable. No contracts. Simply return devices if less than 24 months or pay $199.00/device. Call to order Rental Program. NOT AVAILABLE WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.

* Shipping is typically 1-2 days after receipt of order. FedEx Ground.

* Login credentials sent to email address requested at time of shipment.

* Training included. No charge.

Plug-N-Play…. and Verizon too! Designed for Commercial Fleets…ruggedized too. And, includes built-in back up battery with alerts to prevent tampering


Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services introduces a new low cost plug-n-play device for Fleet Management. Based on the popular Fleet Connect System, this new technology connects directly to the vehicles OBD2 Port, and optional splitter harness allowing for continued use of the diagnostics port during service. Covertly installed, this device uses the ever popular Verizon platform as the carrier, and provides advanced features such as engine diagnostics, fuel consumption, miles per gallon, and much more!


1. Remote engine diagnostics data.
2. Monitor fuel consumption.
3. Monitor miles per gallon.
4. Seat Belt notification.
5. Track vehicle speeds and locations.
6. Detect harsh braking, cornering, or acceleration. optional. Add $2.00/device. NOT AVAILABLE WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.
7. Mapping – current, history, breadcrumb trails, and replay. NO “REPLAY” WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.
8. Multiple and customizable Dashboards. NOT AVAILABLE WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.
9. Alerts – speeding, idle times, odd hours, stops, landmarks, service reminders.
10. Fuel card integration. Optional. Add $2.00/device. NOT AVAILABLE WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.
11. Graphs – comparison, groups, and vehicles. NOT AVAILABLE WITH FLEET CONNECT LITE.
12. Mobile maps – mobile apps.
13. Landmarks – Geofences, import, export, and edit.
14. Dispatch – closet to vehicles, landmarks, and more.
15. Utility – Scheduled reports, legends, and more.
16. Posted speed limits.
17. Locate on demand.