Mobile Tracking introduces Mobile Workforce Manager’s App


Mobile Tracking introduces Mobile Workforce Manager’s App

Mobile Workforce Manager Applications from Mobile Tracking and consulting Services – Your customers have gone mobile, have you? We can provide Easy-to-Use solutions for the mobile worker. Create a Mobile Application for your business, giving your field technicians the tools they need to work smarter and faster.

How it works: We convert your existing paper form to a digital form that your field workers complete using their smartphone/tablet. • With easy-to-use pull down menus and the voice recognition/recorder, they quickly capture all the details of the work they performed. The worker then submits this completed form instantly to your back office, and to your customer.

* Improve cash flow, customer service, proof of service, and no more lost paperwork or work order forms.
• Create a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When one of your app users enters the area, set your app to automatically “push” a location-specific message to users!
• Available on iPhone
• Available on iPad
• Available on Android Phones
• Available on Android Tablets
• Available on Other Devices with HTML5
• Notepad feature
• Voice recognition feature
• Photo capture
* Now with Geofencing!
* Over 45 Integration Features available

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