Mobile Tracking announces Hours of Service and Electronic Driver Logs


Mobile Tracking announces Hours of Service and Electronic Driver Logs

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services announces Fleet Time, a complete solution that provides fleet managers and drivers with automated hours of service and electronic driver logs.

Fleet Time HOS Electronic Driver Log System enables long haul drivers, required by law to complete logs for drive time, to enter their log entries electronically with just a few keystrokes. Using the Fleet Time Mobile Data Terminal, located in the driver cab, status changes and the addresses needed for accurate log completion are stored in the terminal and are also sent to the Fleet Time server for display on the web. The system eliminates the need for paper log books and makes the manual administration and documentation of these records a thing of the past. Eliminating the guesswork of gauging driver DOT compliance, this user-friendly tool is essential in reducing driver log management costs.

The color Fleet Time Mobile Data Terminal has made data entry easy and user-friendly. This device uses a touch screen with enhanced graphics to improve driver usage compliance. Utilization of the HOS electronic driver log system will help to reduce time spent filling out paper logs and the manpower needed to manage them.

Contact Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services to learn more about this exciting new low cost technology, or to request a demonstration. 855-477-4787, extension 805.