Mobile Tracking says “train your drivers how to drive safely.”


Mobile Tracking says “train your drivers how to drive safely.”

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services says “STOP.” Safety Training Operators Program.


* Convenient: You work on your client’s schedule and STOP is there to work on yours. It is delivered and administered via the internet, so you command the implementation. STOP saves time and money!

* Reduce insurance premiums: All Insurance companies offer a debit (-) or credit (+) for the use of an approved safety training program. STOP is verifiable in writing. You have access to test scores and can show the performance of every employee in writing. It is as easy as sending an email to the underwriter. STOP saves you money!

* STOP is current: It is delivered in modules so that it can be adapted to the client’s needs or that of a changing market. STOP keeps you on top of the changing business climate.

* Cost effective: There is unlimited access to the modules, the articles, the newsletters, tests, the certificates and any updates within the subscription, STOP saves you money!

* Maintain employee competency: STOP offers the opportunity to re-train employees whom you may develop concerns with or feel a refresher is in order.

* Professionalism: Communicate to your clients that you participate in an on-going safety training class and identify your employees that complete the course. We offer STOP lapel pins and certificates of completion. STOP establishes value, professionalism and retention.

* Employee retention: Employees that complete the modules timely and implement the ideas shared are more apt to stay and provide valuable service. A better trained employee has more value to your client and thus your business. STOP saves you time and money.

* STOP pays for itself: The 5% credit available on any insurance policy for a written and implemented loss control program will far out weigh the cost of STOP. So start saving money, provide better training and create a safe passenger and work environment with STOP.

* The STOP Program will help you grow and protect the resources of your company: Those resources are the people, the property, and the efficiency by which it runs.