Mobile Tech – Free Trial for 30 days / 3 phones


Mobile Tech – Free Trial for 30 days / 3 phones

Mobile Tech:

Outstanding mobile application gives you access to see your field technicians current locations, routes, addresses, mileage, arrival times, time on the job, speeds, and much more. Administrators and field technicians can easily select work schedules and reporting intervals to accommodate privacy concerns. Run reports on demand, or set up an automated scheduled report for your entire company, groups, or departments. Reporting section quickly identifies field technician’s exceptions like excessive speeding, or landmark and geo-fence violations. Run zone reports to see how long your field technicians are spending on job sites and receive email notifications when they enter/exit a zone, or speed excessively. Download, save, and print reports directly from the mobile application.

Compatible with Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerry devices.

 Track field employees in real-time with flexible reporting schedules.
 Reduce fuel costs and mileages.
 Employee payroll verification.
 Increase employee efficiency.
 Provide more effective dispatching and scheduling.
 Increase billing accuracy.
 Increase employee safety.
 Improve communication and customer satisfaction.
 Confirm late or early arrival times.
 Confirm routes taken to and from job sites.

$14.95 a month. No contracts.

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