Tom Tom and Mobile Tracking Form Partnership


Tom Tom and Mobile Tracking Form Partnership

Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services is proud to announce a new partnership with Tom Tom. As a result, Mobile Tracking will be able to offer it’s customers a wide range of Fleet Management Solutions directly from Tom Tom.

As a recognized leader in the industry, Tom Tom’s Fleet Management Solutions include applications for Professional Navigation, Improved Driver Behavior, Traffic Avoidance, Vehicle Tracking, Job dispatching, Time Management, Environmental Responsibility, Management Reporting, and even industry specific software integration.

WORKsmart – Eco Fleet Management System:

Not only helps drivers find the smartest, most fuel-efficient route to their destination, but it gives fleet managers the tools to promote eco-friendly driver behavior. Simply by making subtle changes to their driving style, drivers can improve fuel economy significantly.

WORKsmart – Eco is a three-fold approach:

1. Optimize vehicle utilization to reduce total mileage.

2. Promote eco-friendly driving to improve fuel efficiency.

3. Measure your success to effectively manage change.

Learn more about this exciting new technology. contact Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services at 855-477-4787, extension 805.