Solutions for Risk Management


Solutions for Risk Management

Mobile Tracking often provides various solutions for risk management. As we say in our industry “You Can’t Manage What You don’t Measure.”

See if you can answer these questions. You may want to call us for help

1. Loss Mitigation and Prevention:
a. It’s all about your corporate culture – Right?
b. You trust all of your employees all of the time – Right?
c. You know where all of your assets are all of the time – right?

2. Reductions in fleet operating costs:
a. What’s the best way to reduce your fleets operating expenses?
b. What’s the best way to reduce your fuel expenses by at least 5%?
c. How do you know when it’s time for maintenance?

3. Impact Damage Control:
a. What does this mean?
b. Why do I need it?
c. Is there an ROI here?

4. Driver Behavior Modification Systems:
a. Huh?
b. Is this legal?
c. Okay, so what system is best for my company?

5. Increasing the bottom line:
a. Reduced maintenance expenses.
b. Reduced fuel expenses.
c. Reduced overtime expenses.
d. Increased billable services.