2013 Awards for Best Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Systems


2013 Awards for Best Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Systems

Every year, Mobile Tracking announces its results for best Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Systems. Results are based on customer feedback, product reliability, manufacture’s support, current technology, ease of use, and purchasing options.

FleetSensor: $199.00, and a $49.95 Annual Web Access Fee

A great solution for locating your vehicle should it become lost, missing, stolen, or you just need to find where it is at that particular moment. Ping on demand gives you immediate vehicle locations even from your Smart Phone! Covert installation, tamper proof, remote starter disable (requires relay switch), and low voltage notification should your vehicles battery start to fail or become disconnected. Includes three year warranty and 500 locates per year. No monthly fee. No contracts. No activation fee.

Traksys Mobile App: $19.95 per month

Mobile App for Smartphones tracks field workers (and fleets if equipped with GPS devices), but gives them the option to opt out during off-hours or personal time. Both vehicles and field workers are visible in the same web portal. Managers administrate which employees are tracked and who has rights to view those locations. Share locations and view the locations of colleagues and fleets. Application functions in the background so employees can leave it running and use their phone normally. No contracts. No activation fee. Ping on demand, time of arrival, time on job, and more soon to be added.

ServicePlus Program: $29.95 per month, and a one-time $25.00 Activation Fee

Outstanding real time tracking system for small to medium size fleets. Covert installation (not included). Built in antenna and hardwired harness to prevent tampering. Ping ondemand and automatic location updates every 2 minutes. Vehicle history, live traffic reports, maintenance alerts, speeding alerts, odd hour alerts, idle time alerts, landmark and geofence alerts, low voltage alerts, power reconnect notice, and more. Sensors included for PTO, ignition disable, and remote door unlock. Free equipment, lifetime warranty, no contracts, no sales tax, and free shipping. Simply pay three months service in advance, along with a one-time activation fee.

Networkfleet: $39.95 per month, 36 month Agreement

Named 2012 winner in the Telematics Updates Award, this incredible fleet tracking system is designed for medium to large fleets that are interested in complete Fuel Reporting Suites, optional fuel card integration, remote engine diagnostics, fleet maintenance, roadside assistance service, and much more. Added benefits include Driver Safety Suites and optional Garmin navigation integration with dispatching, scheduling, and work order management. All inclusive package includes hardware, software, engine diagnostic harnesses, and monthly service. Note: Monthly cost based on 20 units. Cost will vary slightly if more or less units are purchased.

Mobile Locator: $249.00

This device is designed to track portable equipment, trailers, and more. This small real time GPS system can be hidden inside or outside any type of asset, and can be located anywhere, even inside buildings. Built-in accelerometer detects motion, built-in 1.55AHr battery provides 2-3 weeks of power, built-in hardwire adapter kit (requires cable) for 9 to 30 volt connections, and built-in temperature and light sensors. Ping on-demand, or ping at specified independent reporting intervals based on motion and/or stationary. Alert notifications based on geofence violations, movement, and more. Wide selection of options, including extended batteries, and monthly service plans to choose from. Monthly service plan, activation fee, and one year service agreement required.