Please don’t sign that GPS Tracking Contract !


Please don’t sign that GPS Tracking Contract !

Signing a long term contract for ANY GPS Fleet Management System without first knowing how much money it will save you doesn’t make good business sense. Sure, these companies will tell you it will reduce your fuel costs, etc. But, will that cost savings justify the initial capital expense and long term monthly wireless service fees for implementing a new Fleet Management System?

Unfortunately, it’s only AFTER you make that long term commitment can you determine if you’ve made a wise decision. This is because prior to using a Fleet Management System you have no way to measure (benchmark) your fleet’s idle times, MPG’s, unauthorized movement (off hours) and improper use of fuel cards, proof of service and delivery, number of side jobs, speeding, poor driver habits, and more.

So, how do you calculate your Return on Investment here, and what benchmarks do you use? What Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) do you establish, and how are you going to measure their success or failure?

So, what do you do, and where do you go for help? You call Mobile Tracking and Consulting Services for a FREE Consultation. This thirty minute appointment will help you identify which Fleet Management System is right for your business, your expectations for meeting short and long term goals, your budgetary requirements, and more.