Fleet Tracking System Offers Free Roadside Assistance


Fleet Tracking System Offers Free Roadside Assistance

Mobile Tracking has been a dealer for Networkfleet for over ten years.

And, Fleet Tracking with Networkfleet is the only GPS fleet management system provider that offers emergency roadside assistance to all vehicle classes, including light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, at no additional cost. With Networkfleet’s complimentary roadside assistance program, fleet managers can be confident that all of their drivers can get help quickly in case of a vehicle breakdown.

Networkfleet’s roadside assistance includes:

Towing up to 25 miles from the point of breakdown to the nearest service provider
Locksmith service provided at an easily accessible location
Vehicle jump-start or performance of minor mechanical adjustments to start the vehicle
Flat tire replacement with the vehicle’s available spare tire
Delivery of an emergency supply of fuel to the site or towed to the nearest gas station
Extraction of the vehicle when it is stuck on ice, in mud, or snow
Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery