GPS Tracking – Bait Your Freight


GPS Tracking – Bait Your Freight


You’ve always wanted to keep track of your freight, or other valuables, but never thought it could be done, or didn’t know who to call to learn more about it.

Freight can mean many different things. It can represent products and merchandise you’re shipping from one location to another, or it can be as simple as delivering a box of “something” across town.


Mobile Tracking has the technology to help you find your Freight with our new Mobile Locator. Designed by Freight Security, this small real time GPS system can be hidden inside or outside any type of asset, and can be located anywhere, even inside buildings, etc. Built-in accelerometer detects motion, built-in 1.55AHr battery provides 2-3 weeks of power, built-in hardwire adapter kit (requires cable) for 9 to 30 volt connections, and built-in temperature and light sensors. Ping on-demand, or ping at specified independent reporting intervals based on motion and / or stationary. Options include a weather-proof Pelican case measuring only 5.43″ x 4.06″ x 2.12″ with two external 50 pull-pound magnets, extended 4.0AHr (shown in blue),10.0AHr, or 20AHr rechargeable batteries, and a rapid battery charger (recommended for extended batteries).