Asset Tracking Can Be Complicated


Asset Tracking Can Be Complicated


You’ve always wanted to keep track of your portable equipment, but never thought it could be done, or didn’t know who to call to learn more about it.


Mobile Tracking has the technology to help you find your portable assets. You just need to ask yourself a few questions so that we can determine the right solution for your specific application.

Here are a few questions to help you get started. Then call us to learn more.

1. Do you need to locate your portable asset “on demand,” or would an auto locate every hour/day/week work?
2. Do you need to hide the tracking device on your portable asset so no one knows it’s there?
3. Does your portable asset ever get wet?
4. Does your portable asset ever go inside buildings?
5. Does your portable asset have battery power?
6. Do you need to be alerted whenever your portable asset moves, or leaves a designated location?
7. Is the purpose of tracking your portable asset for theft, or accountability?
8. Is the value of your portable asset more than $2,000.00?