GPS Tracking – What can PTO do for you ?


GPS Tracking – What can PTO do for you ?

By incorporating our GPS technology, we can help you monitor anything that changes voltage when turned on or off (like a switch). That means you will know when the PTO is engaged / disengaged so you can bill your customers for services rendered, proof of service, and even monitor unauthorized use of equipment.

Typical Applications:

* Pumps * Motors * Pressure Washers * Lift Gates * Generators * Sprayers
• Running a water pump on a fire engine or water truck.
• Running a truck mounted hot water extraction machine for carpet cleaning (driving vacuum blower and high-pressure solution pumps).
• Powering a blower system used to move dry materials such as cement.
•Raising a dump truck bed.
• Operating the mechanical arm on a bucket truck used by electrical maintenance, personnel, or Cable TV maintenance crews.
• Operating a winch on a tow truck.
• Operating the compactor on a garbage truck.
• Operating a Hiab/Grapple truck.

Mobile Tracking’s ServicePlus Program is the ideal solution for all of your PTO needs:

No hardware to purchase.
No contracts to sign.
Includes two PTO inputs.
Identifies time and location in real time.
Reports show total time of use and locations.
Only $29.95 per month. Other terms apply.