ServMan Software is made for FLEET TRACKING


ServMan Software is made for FLEET TRACKING

Scheduling: Made smarter.
ServMan’s multi-threaded Dispatch Board sets the standard for graphical scheduling. This fast and easy-to-learn interface provides numerous tools and views allowing users to “drill down” on filtered views of unscheduled orders by any of the user configurable fields displayed in the unscheduled orders window. Windows can be dynamically re-sized and placed for viewing on dual screen monitors for expanded work areas. Screen views are saved for each user providing fast screen reconstruction and ease of use.

Work Order Management: Made effortless.
ServMan allows you to track employee specic statuses for every work order in your system. Graphically schedule orders using ServMan’s drag and drop features or use our exclusive Auto Schedule feature for rapid schedule assignments.

Inventory Control: Made painless.
ServMan provides a powerful and easy-to-use Inventory Management solution that allows you to track multiple warehouses, truck inventories, job-site inventories and more. ServMan’s features include a full range of specializations for the labor-intensive organization as well as wireless warehousing options. In addition, the Purchasing Module offers many breakthrough features targeted towards simplifying workow and enhancing job cost accounting.

Accounting: Made simple.
A strong, integrated accounting system is critical to both ease of use and accurate and timely nancial reporting. ServMan oers a robust accounting solution that is both feature-rich and user-friendly. The Accounts Receivable and Payable modules offer you all the tools you’d expect from your accounting system, but what you don’t expect is the ease of use and service industry specific functionality. And the General Ledger is designed to accommodate even the most complex organizations with multi-branch and departmental reporting requirements.

Mobile: Made seamless.
ServMan Mobile extends ServMan’s back office power and exibility right to your customer’s door step. Designed to accommodate residential, route based and commercial service providers, ServMan has a solution that’s right for you. With ServMan Mobile, when your technician is done, your paper work is done.

Client Management: Made intuitive.
ServMan gives you access to virtually everything you need directly from the client record. Quickly access order and invoice history, accounts receivable information, add orders and quotes, process credit card payments, generate a variety of reports, and more directly from a client’s account. This client-centric approach makes ServMan software intuitive and easy to use.

Service Agreements: Made easy.
ServMan includes contract management features that allow you to track professional service agreements, pre-sold time block, equipment maintenance contracts and more. Easily access the details on the work histories and location of installed systems including warranties to the component level. Order Management, Scheduling, Technician Tasking, Billing and Automated Payment Processing. ServMan provides a “total” solution to managing Service and Maintenance Agreements.

Adaptations: Made scalable.
ServMan’s ability to be customized and interfaced to third party applications is unsurpassed. The ServMan development team had the foresight to integrate a complete development environment directly within the ServMan application. These tools allow trained users to quickly adapt the product to virtually any workow, including adding new elds, data tables, screens, controls and processes to the software. Most importantly, you can continue to upgrade your software, maintaining the benet of our continued development and enhancements, without the fear of loss of your customizations. Guaranteed!